Book Review

In Search of the Truth - Book Cover-1

Mr. Anderson Hill’s book, In Search of the Truth, is one of the best books I have read. It is easy for a person to talk about their successes and good times in life. Nonetheless, it takes a lot of courage to speak honestly about the pitfalls that inevitably come. And Mr. Hill is a courageous author with a resilient spirit.

I am very grateful for this book. This book came into my life at an appropriate time since I am a young attorney. I consider this book a real life guide on ethics. Mr. Hill opens up about many personal details and events so that others may benefit. That is very admirable and makes for a great book.

In short, I think his “truth” was revealed when he discovered what was important in his life. It was not the cars, money, social status, and other things that denote wealth. It was his family! Mr. Hill has an awesome wife that loves him unconditionally. She did not abandon him. She supported him, kept him uplifted, and encouraged him while he suffered. That is the “truth.” He also has beautiful children that needed his presence in their lives. That is also the “truth.” Despite the vicissitudes, Mr. Hill found his “truth” and was able to turn his life around and write a phenomenal book. This is a great work from a great man!    -Denaro Allen, Esq.